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    May 2020

    Is sugar Kosher?

    In this blog, we will look at what it means for food to be Kosher, along with the sourcing and manufacturing processes of our pure sugar products that mean they have been certified as Kosher. What does Kosher mean? Kosher is a label given to food that conforms to Jewish dietary regulations under the kashrut, […] ...

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    May 2020

    How is sugar used in the desserts industry?

    Without pure sugars and syrups, the desserts industry would be unrecognisable. In this week’s blog, we explain why the application of pure sugars is imperative to a huge variety of desserts, exploring three types and their sugar ingredients. Why is sugar used in desserts? The primary reason is flavour. Usually consumed at the end of […] ...

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    Apr 2020

    Granular Detail: Brewer’s Sugar Block

    Brewer’s sugar block serves a vital purpose in the fermentation of beer. In this edition of Granular Detail, we examine the sugar product and its purpose, assessing its properties and production process, before exploring its different applications. What is brewer’s sugar block? Brewer’s sugar block, often referred to as brewing sugar, is a candy sugar […] ...

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    Apr 2020

    What are the most popular pure sugar biscuit applications in crises?

    Consumers have been quick to stockpile supplies of biscuits since the outbreak of coronavirus, which is a trend that Ragus has experienced before. This blog explains why biscuits are sought-after during times of adversity and examines which pure sugar biscuit applications have been most popular in three different crises. The relationship between pure sugars, biscuits […] ...

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    Apr 2020

    How Sedex ensures ethical sugar supply chains

    Sourcing sugar on a global scale requires an efficient way of making sure all relevant supply chains operate ethically and transparently. Sedex, one of the world’s leading ethical trade service providers, enables companies like Ragus to do this. Below we outline the measures taken by Sedex, what an audit involves, and the impact its services […] ...

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    Apr 2020

    How has coronavirus impacted the global sugar market?

    We are living in unprecedented times. Coronavirus (COVID-19) has completely altered our livelihoods and the global economy. Lockdowns around the world have closed restaurants, cafes and offices, with almost all sporting events and concerts now cancelled or postponed. As a result, the point at which sugar is being consumed has shifted – but will this […] ...

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