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    Jun 2019

    Specialist sugars in medicated confectionary and cough syrups

    Sugar has been a staple in over-the-counter remedies for centuries. This week, we look at what different sugar products can help the medicine go down. What is medicated confectionary? Medicated confectionary is a medicinal product used to treat very minor ailments that take the form of a traditional piece of confectionary. Typically, this a hard-boiled […] ...

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    Jun 2019

    Granular detail: Liquid Sugar

    Liquid sugar is present in the food and drinks we consume daily. In this week’s blog we explain what it is, where it can be used and how it should be stored. What is liquid sugar and what products can it be used in? Liquid sugar is a water-based sucrose solution made from white refined […] ...

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    Jun 2019

    How is sugar used in the pharmaceutical industry?

    From bulking agents to grain sizes – we’ve come a long way from just a “spoonful of sugar” What is an excipient? An excipient is an inactive substance that acts as the dosage vehicle for an active drug. In the pharmaceutical industry, sugar often occupies this role, performing functions ranging from adding bulk and consistency […] ...

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    Jun 2019

    Global sugar market report 2019

    Droughts, monsoons, and the world’s biggest vote – it’s been quite a few months for the sugar market across the globe. Global sugar market position Last year saw extraordinarily good weather for growing sugar crops globally, resulting in record crops and stocks. Global sugar prices, therefore, dropped below 10 c/lb for the first time in […] ...

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    May 2019

    What is the difference between beet sugar and cane sugar?

    Sugar from beet or cane is used across industries from confectionery and baking to pharmaceuticals, but how different are these plants? Where is beet sugar and cane sugar grown? ­ Sugar beet is usually grown in temperate climates such as Canada, Europe, China, Russia and in the UK mainly in East Anglia and Lincolnshire. It […] ...

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    May 2019

    Why is sugar tested during production?

    At Ragus’ Pure Sugars, our rigorous testing processes mean that every product that leaves our factory perfectly meets our customers’ needs. Why does every batch of Ragus’ Pure Sugar product need to be tested? In order to maintain a consistent end product, our customers need to know they are getting an identical product every time […] ...

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