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    Oct 2018

    Quality and Food Safety – Policies and Practices at Ragus

    Ragus pure sugar manufacturing was founded by Charles Eastick in 1928. Since then the family run company has been passed from generation to generation to become the last independent sugar manufacturer in the UK – a great achievement. So, the Ragus company and its owners certainly know sugar product ingredients. As does someone else… Ragus’ […] ...

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    Sep 2018

    Natural And Refined Sugars What Are The Differences?

    Sugar, in its many varied forms, is simply a carbohydrate that your body converts into glucose to use as energy. Naturally occurring sugars derived from sugar cane, beets, fruits, vegetables and honey come in the form of sucrose, dextrose, fructose and glucose. Lactose sugar is found in dairy products.  Natural sugars are simply sugars that […] ...

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    Aug 2018

    Can chocolate really taste the same with reduced sugar?

    In 2017, Public Health England (PHE) proposed that the food and drink industry reduce sugar levels in their products by 20% by 2020 in a bid to tackle the growing concerns of child obesity. Yet, more than a year on, food and drink manufacturers have failed to meet the sugar reduction targets, with only cereal, […] ...

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    Aug 2018


    While it may be the summer holidays and parents and children are enjoying the sunshine, farmers, brewers and food and drink manufacturers are feeling a different kind of heat. With the continuous heatwave bearing down on Europe during the past few months comes concerns of rising cost pressures for numerous agricultural cereal growers. Lack of […] ...

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    Aug 2018

    EU sugar beet production on a high!

    According to newly published research presented to the International Sugar Organisation (IOS), in the recent past, productivity gains spanning the cane sugar sector have been generally flat. However, in the leading EU sugar producing countries, sugar output per hectare is higher on average, than the average of top cane sugar producers. Also, since the millennium, […] ...

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    Jul 2018

    Artificial Sweeteners and Your Health

    The debate between sugars versus artificial sweeteners has been going on for decades. Public Health England, celebrity chefs, diet enthusiasts and health officials constantly drum into the publics’ mind that replacing sugar in food and drink with a substitute is the way forward to combatting obesity and living a fuller, healthier life. But, and it’s […] ...

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