CSR AT RAGUS: 2013/14

The opening of our technologically advanced, resource-efficient Berkshire plant has been central to our CSR agenda for this year.

The most exciting event in Ragus’ 2013/14 diary has been the commissioning and operation of our world-class, state-of-the-art plant in Berkshire, UK. The factory is one of the most advanced of its kind, with a custom-made production line manufacturing a continual supply of high quality pure sugars and pure syrups.

The factory’s advanced closed system means it’s highly resource efficient. No sugar is disposed of: powder waste from dust extractors is melted down; we’re already making savings of 40,000 kilos of liquid sugar per month, which used to be wastage.

As part of the design, we selected all equipment with the highest possible resource efficiency specifications. These include: more energy efficient jackets on holding tanks and inversion pans; energy efficient heat exchangers and boilers; intelligent lighting; energy efficient motors and gas-powered forklifts. We’re in the process of measuring the factory’s resource consumption so we can benchmark where we are and start setting ourselves challenging targets for future years.

The factory also features an onsite weighbridge. Trucks and tankers no longer have to travel offsite to be weighed, delivering resource savings. And now that we have dedicated holding tanks for incoming tanker products, together with the weighbridge, we’ve been able to save time across all our processes.

We’ve also put our factory’s suppliers and services under the CSR microscope. CSR has been part of our business for many years, so our suppliers, such as the delivery tanker fleet and laundry supplies, already operate sustainably.

Virtually all our packaging is recycled, and the plasti-pallets and larger storage containers for transport are asset managed. This ensures they come back to us to be cleaned and reused. Simple steps, such as introducing coloured sampling and decanting buckets, means they can be washed and not thrown away.

Alongside the factory’s sustainability benefits, the much increased capacity enables us to deliver a guaranteed supply of sugar products to our customers, including bulk loads of sugar products on time and in full.