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    Jun 2019

    Global sugar market report 2019

    Droughts, monsoons, and the world’s biggest vote – it’s been quite a few months for the sugar market across the globe. Global sugar market position Last year saw extraordinarily good weather for growing sugar crops globally, resulting in record crops and stocks. Global sugar prices, therefore, dropped below 10 c/lb for the first time in […] ...

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    May 2019

    What is the difference between beet sugar and cane sugar?

    Sugar from beet or cane is used across industries from confectionery and baking to pharmaceuticals, but how different are these plants? Where is beet sugar and cane sugar grown? ­ Sugar beet is usually grown in temperate climates such as Canada, Europe, China, Russia and in the UK mainly in East Anglia and Lincolnshire. It […] ...

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    May 2019

    Why is sugar tested during production?

    At Ragus’ Pure Sugars, our rigorous testing processes mean that every product that leaves our factory perfectly meets our customers’ needs. Why does every batch of Ragus’ Pure Sugar product need to be tested? In order to maintain a consistent end product, our customers need to know they are getting an identical product every time […] ...

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    May 2019

    Granular detail: invert sugar

    This week, we explore everything there is to know about invert sugar. From its usage to storage, this guide will help you with your next sugar product purchase. What is invert sugar? The building block of invert sugar is ordinary table sugar, known as sucrose. Sucrose is a disaccharide, meaning it is composed of two […] ...

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    May 2019

    The importance of a customer first approach at Ragus

    Customers are intrinsic to daily operations at Ragus Pure Sugars. Not only do they form one of our 10 pillars of CSR, but they are at the centre of everything we do at Ragus. Starting the sugar journey at Ragus Pure Sugars As specialists in sugar manufacturing, we use the expertise gained from our 90-year […] ...

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    May 2019

    Sugar as a shelf life extender

    There’s more to sugar than taste. Here we discuss how its unique water retention properties mean our food stays fresher for longer.    Why do we need sugar in our food? Although its primarily used for flavour and sweetness, sugar’s functional properties mean it is an essential component in modern food production. Sugar is what’s […] ...

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