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    Jun 2018

    BREXIT: the position of the European sugar sector

    CEFS-CIBE POSITION ON BREXIT EU beet sugar manufacturers, represented by CEFS, and sugar beet growers, represented by CIBE, regret the departure of the UK from the EU.[1] We remain convinced that the best option to avoid disruption of EU-UK trade and of the EU sugar market itself would be for the UK to remain in […] ...

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    Jun 2018


    Every year we see new food and drink trends appearing in the industry. 2018 is tipped to be the year of multisensory food and drink as consumers want textured food which appeals to their sensors, and now we’re approaching the middle of the year a new trend is becoming more apparent; a plant-based food trend […] ...

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    Jun 2018


    Ragus are a specialist sugar producer with a heritage that dates back over 100 years; Ragus’ founder invented golden syrup. We are dedicated to the sugar industry and we travel the globe to source sustainable sugar, and from our advanced UK sugar manufacturing facility, produce a wide range of pure sugar products. After major investment […] ...

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    Jun 2018

    EU ban bee harming neonicotinoid pesticides

    According to British Farming Groups, the UK could be forced to rely heavily on imported crops following a vote to extend the ban on neonicotinoid pesticides in Europe. Within the next six months the world’s most widely used insecticides will be banned from all fields in order to protect both wild and honeybees that are […] ...

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    May 2018

    BBQ Time, so let’s get saucy!

    Here at Ragus we love BBQ time as we supply many of the leading sauces, chutney and condiments manufacturers with their pure sugars for taste, texture and appearance. Did you know that many savoury cooking sauces, glazes and marinades contain molasses and treacle supplied directly from Ragus; but what are they and what is the […] ...

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    May 2018

    Vanilla Price Rise: Vanilla Ice Cream to meet a Frosty End!

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream… that’s certainly the case when the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising.  You would think that ice cream vendors and manufacturers are reaping the rewards of this glorious heat wave, however the truth is far more chilling. Nowadays there is an abundance of […] ...

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