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    Sep 2019

    A sustainable sugarcane plastics revolution?

    With the prevalence of harmful single-use plastics firmly in the global spotlight, Lego’s next step in its eco overhaul has been to unveil a range of bricks made from sugarcane-derived plastics. Is this the beginning of a sustainable sugarcane plastics revolution? What is the Lego Plants from Plants range? Lego has made a commitment to […] ...

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    Sep 2019

    Crystalline sugars: what’s the difference?

    At Ragus, we have a wide range of crystalline sugars. But what is the difference between muscovado, demerara or white refined sugar? What is a crystalline sugar? Sucrose (table sugar) is a disaccharide, meaning it is a molecule composed of two monosaccharides, in this case, glucose and fructose. For both sugar beet or sugar cane, […] ...

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    Sep 2019

    Ragus take steps to combat continuing Brexit uncertainty

    With yet another Brexit deadline approaching, businesses are unclear about almost all aspects of a post-EU future. For Ragus, this means taking measures to reassure our customers by replacing conjecture with clarity. Has anything changed for the sugar industry since the last Brexit deadline? We are still no nearer to a concrete plan for Britain’s […] ...

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    Sep 2019

    Granular detail: Muscovado sugar

    Muscovado sugar is a popular sugar product used the world over. In our latest edition of Granular Detail, we dive into everything there is to know about this molasses-rich sugar. What is muscovado sugar? ‘Muscovado’ is derived from a mixture of the Portuguese ‘açúcar mascavado’ and the Spanish ‘azúcar mascabado’, meaning unrefined sugar. Despite this […] ...

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    Aug 2019

    Taking sugar away is not the answer

    The government’s recent sugar-centric attempts to tackle the obesity crisis may be providing only half an answer. Sugar in the spotlight Sugar’s recent journey to being firmly on the government’s radar has been several years in the making. It began with the discovery of so-called “hidden” sugars in our foods, in turn leading to an […] ...

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    Aug 2019

    What is Fair trade sugar?

    Fair trade has risen to become one of the most respected certifications of fair and ethical food production in the world. But what does it mean for sugar? What is fair trade and how does it work? Fair trade is an agreement between institutions designed to help producers achieve better prices for what they grow […] ...

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