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    Nov 2018

    From Field to Fork

    Have you ever wondered where the sugar we use in the UK comes from? Currently the UK’s demand for sugar is around 2 million tonnes annually, but recent polls reveal that British shoppers do not know where the sugar in their food, drink and pharmaceutical products actually comes from. In the UK our sugar comes […]

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    Oct 2018

    Treacle, Molasses And Golden Syrup – The Perfect Ingredients To Bake A Parkin Cake

    Bonfire night is fast approaching and here at Ragus we are busy manufacturing tonnes of black treacle, muscovado sugar, molasses and golden syrup to be shipped out to our many bakery, cake and dessert manufacturer clients ready for baking and creating their Parkin and ginger cakes. ** See below for our Parkin Cake recipe. Originating […]

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    Oct 2018

    Getting to Know Ragus – Our Policies and Procedures!

    Ragus recently celebrated its 90th Birthday, a major achievement for a family run British company which opened in 1928. Since its beginnings Ragus has gone from strength to strength and we now run a full-service global operation. Our multi-million-pound state-of-the-art factory supplies hundreds of tonnes of pure sugar products to customers all over the world […]

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    Oct 2018


    In just over 6 months, the UK will cease being a member of the EU, which will completely change the way our country is run; all industries will be affected in one way or another, and one of the biggest shake-ups will be what happens to the UK’s food and drink sector. At the moment […]

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    Oct 2018

    Quality and Food Safety – Policies and Practices at Ragus

    Ragus pure sugar manufacturing was founded by Charles Eastick in 1928. Since then the family run company has been passed from generation to generation to become the last independent sugar manufacturer in the UK – a great achievement. So, the Ragus company and its owners certainly know sugar product ingredients. As does someone else… Ragus’ […]

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    Sep 2018

    What’s Going on in the Sugar Industry?

    Andrea Pluck, of Kennedy’s Confection chats to Ben Eastick, Director at Ragus, a leading supplier in the production of brown sugars, syrups and treacles, to get his views on the future of sugar So, tell me a bit about yourself and how you got into sugar… Ben: The Eastick family have been in the sugar […]

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