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    Dec 2018

    How Caramel is Made – Caramel as Syrups and Powders [Part 1 of 2]

    Caramel is an ingredient that it used in virtually every part of the food and drink industry; its purpose is to enhance taste and add colour to products. From bakery products to beers, to soups, sauces and even pet food, caramel in both syrup or powder form are used to create colour and flavour in […]

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    Dec 2018

    How to use Ragus’ pure sugars for Scandinavian Christmas recipes

    Christmas is the time of year for traditions and everyone has their favourites, from the way they decorate their Christmas tree, to the amount of alcohol they put in their Christmas cakes; every family is different, and the meaning of Christmas is passed down through the generations. Many of the Western Christmas traditions that we […]

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    Nov 2018

    Sugar industry leaders in Sales & Customer Service

    Ragus are proud to be celebrating their 90th year as a leading UK importer and manufacturer of pure sugars and syrups. Due to our heritage dating back to the 1880s we hold a unique and extremely knowledgeable position within the sugar market and our multi-million-pound state-of-the-art factory supplies hundreds of tonnes of pure sugar products […]

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    Nov 2018

    Christmas Cake Recipe – A Classic From Ragus

    It’s that time of the year when you need to start thinking about making your Christmas cakes, so Ragus has come up with the perfect recipe to make life simpler for you as the festive season draws nearer. The idea behind making a Christmas cake a few weeks before the big day, is so that […]

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    Nov 2018

    ‘No-Deal’ Brexit – Should the food and drink industry be stockpiling ingredients?

    We are fast approaching the day when the UK is scheduled to leave the European Union and recent surveys conducted by the Food and Drink Federation reveal that more and more food and drink manufacturers who were surveyed are reporting an increase in costs as a result of stockpiling ahead of a possible ‘no-deal’ Brexit. […]

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    Nov 2018

    From Plant to Plate- How Do We Get Our Sugar?

    Have you ever wondered where the sugar we use in the UK comes from? In the UK our sugar comes from two source, sugar cane and sugar beet. Two very different looking plants which have to be grown and harvested so that the sugar can be extracted from them. Sugar beet and sugar cane produce […]

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