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    May 2019

    Sugar as a shelf life extender

    There’s more to sugar than taste. Here we discuss how its unique water retention properties mean our food stays fresher for longer.    Why do we need sugar in our food? Although its primarily used for flavour and sweetness, sugar’s functional properties mean it is an essential component in modern food production. Sugar is what’s […]

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    Apr 2019

    The importance of ethical sugar supply chains

    Ethical supply chains mean all actors are paid fairly for their work. At Ragus Pure Sugars, this approach is embedded in how we operate. What is an ethical supply chain?   An ethical supply chain or ethical sourcing refers to a supply chain in which all operators are paid and treated fairly. Current UK law […]

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    Apr 2019

    How do I find my ideal sugar product?

    With a product as diverse as sugar, finding your ideal solution can be tough. Here’s our guide to the Ragus Pure Sugars web resources that make your search easy. How do I know my sugar is ethically sourced?   When deciding on where to purchase your sugar product, it is essential to ensure that every […]

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    Apr 2019

    Specialist sugars and their applications

    In the UK, sugar usually means the white granules derived from sugar beet. But there is a wide range of specialist sugars used in the products we consume every day.   Sugar is sourced from natural sugar cane and beet. In both cases the raw material goes through a refining process involving cutting, cleaning, juice […]

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    Apr 2019

    What is Ragus Sugars’ approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a core component of Ragus Sugars’ business. Recently we reviewed our strategy and how responsibility underpins our brand.     In 2011 we developed our first CSR strategy that drew together multiple threads of responsibility-related systems and processes already woven into our business operations, marketing and decision making. This led […]

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    Mar 2019

    How stockpiling affects the sugar supply chain

    Brexit uncertainty has caused some of our customers to stockpile. Here we look at the impact this has on the supply chain and how Ragus is equipped to meet demand.   What causes stockpiling?   Uncertainty is the main reason why businesses begin stockpiling goods. Not knowing what the future of the supply chain will […]

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