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    May 2018

    Texture is the new Food Trend for 2018

    According to the latest report from Mintel, the leading market intelligence agency, engaging the senses through the use of textures in food and drink is the new secret trend of 2018. Both food and drink manufacturers and consumers are recognising the importance of new experiences that foods and drinks can offer. The texture of what […]

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    Apr 2018

    What is Sugar?

    Recently there has been a lot of media attention about sugar, but there are various types of sugar derived from different sources, so what exactly is sugar? Sugar is a natural ingredient that has been used as part of our diet for centuries; it is believed that sugar was first used over 5,000 years ago […]

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    Apr 2018

    Is the cocoa industry heading for the red?

    According to reports from the 6th annual Chocoa initiative held in Amsterdam last month, the general consensus from cocoa farmers, processors, traders and chocolate manufacturers is that the whole cocoa industry is struggling. “Today, less than 20% of the cocoa production is sustainable. The demand for sustainable chocolate is increasing while production in cocoa growing […]

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    Apr 2018

    Plastic Fantastic – No it really isn’t!

    It may be a catchy pop tune, but we don’t all live in a Barbie world, life in plastic is definitely NOT fantastic! We live in the real world and the battle to rid our planet of the dangers of plastic is a problem that is becoming more and more apparent. According to the UN […]

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    Apr 2018


    Globally, sugar output is expected to exceed consumption by 6.5 million tonnes for the production year 2017/18, after two years of production trailing consumption. Production in Thailand is currently up by 22% for the year and is set for a record harvest, above last year’s 10.2 mln tonnes. India, the world’s largest sugar consumer and […]

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    Nov 2017

    Select Ragus Sugars, Syrups and Treacles online

    Helping you find your ideal sugar ingredients With our new Product Finder you can filter through over 50 different pure sugars to find the right crystalline sugars, syrups and treacles for your industry. This easy to use online facility provides useful guidance and information on the extensive Ragus manufactured range of functional sugar products and […]

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