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    Feb 2019

    Tariffs on sugars explained

    Breaking down the complex and often confusing world of EU sugar tariffs. What will they mean post-March 29? What are international trade tariffs? According to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), tariffs are “customs duties on merchandise imports”. Essentially, a tariff or customs duty is a tax on imported products, usually levied at the border or […]

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    Jan 2019

    UK Sugar Beet Harvest 2018/2019

    UK farmers are entering the final weeks of the 2018/19 beet harvest. Weather has again played a major factor in the yields which have declined compared to the 2017/18 crop. The UK processing factories in Cantley and Bury St Edmunds are due to stop slicing mid-February and the Newark plant will stop towards the end […]

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    Nov 2017

    Bumper Sugar Crops To Increase Global Surplus

    Market Position   October has seen sugar prices continue to decline, trading around 14 c/lb, compared to 17 c/lb in May and 20.5 c/lb this time last year. This is a result of a large expected global surplus in 2018, from estimated strong production increases in the EU, India (both having just begun harvesting), Russia […]

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    Oct 2017

    About Ragus – launch of new video

    A concise introduction into Ragus Pure Sugars Our new corporate video has just been launched. Designed to communicate quickly and easily Ragus Pure Sugars, our brand, our ethos and our direction going forward. Produced to enhance the perception and understanding of our business in the sugar marketplace and to our customers, the video will be […]

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    Jul 2017

    Sugar performance Inverts, Syrups & Treacles for bakery products

      Sugars are essential for sweetness but they perform many other essential functions in baked goods. At Ragus we supply a wide range of Pure Sugars to the baking industry, but providing actual sweetness is almost a secondary function to our products performance attributes as a component ingredient to create taste, texture and appearance. This […]

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    Jun 2017

    Ragus Pure Sugar Energy Fuels For 24 hrs

    Ragus supported driver, Olly Bryant prepares to take over night stint.   Local ice cream manufacturer Beechdean hired Ragus supported driver Oliver Bryant to race their Aston Martin V8 Vantage GTE in the Le Mans 24 hrs. Bryant, powered by Ragus Pure Sugar Energy, survived the toughest motor race in the world to achieve a […]

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