The Men Who Made Us Fat

Jun 20 2012

If you haven’t seen this program on BBC 2, you should take the time to see it on the BBC iplayer. Annoyingly however the lines between High Fructose Corn Syrup and Sugar (sucrose) become blurred half way through the program which is not helpful to those seeking a healthy and balanced diet.
All things considered however the program confirms what Ragus has being saying.  Natural Pure Sugars are healthier than all the other available processed sweeteners and chemical sweetener replacements.

Simply put some sugars are converted to fat, some not. Fructose converts to fat and suppresses the action of a hormone called leptin which tells the brain when the fat cells have had enough carbohydrate.  A balanced natural diet containing natural sugars recognised by leptin tells the brain “I’ve had enough carbohydrate and I’m full”.
The message is clear. Pure sugar!

The Men Who Made Us Fat

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Next Indian Sugar Crop Looking Strong for 2013

Jun 01 2012

Imports of India’s 2011/12 production into the EU are well under way, so Ben and I took the opportunity to audit the crushing facilities and inspect the progress of next year’s crop.

India is the world’s second largest producer, but also the world’s largest consumer, so the balance of supply verses demand means Ragus needs to work in close partnership with our key suppliers to ensure uninterrupted supply.

With an ever increasing amount of sugar produced, Ragus auditing the farms and plantations ensures key CSR adherence and premiums for Organic and Fairtrade result in a communal benefit.

Ben Eastick At The Mill

Ben Eastick at the mill.

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